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Post-Traumatic Poetry

My autobiographical poetry chapbook, published by Finishing Line Press. Advanced sales occurring now!

Post-Traumatic Poetry is at once deeply personal and frighteningly universal. Mackenzie Rose‘s collection of poems shares her story from being a young woman in an abusive relationship  to becoming a domestic violence survivor. Her poems take the reader through her first glimpses of her partner’s narcissism and gas-lighting to the moment he tried to kill her. They untangle her medical trauma and find her traversing the world with a new identity while learning to understand her physical and emotional scars.

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The Most Important Tuesday at Carbuncle Elementary School

Sometimes the hardest part of school is history; other times, it is saving the world. Mindy and Stewart are a pair of unlikely heroes who realize all the smart kids in their class are missing and take it upon themselves to find them. Along the way, they realize the value of thinking outside the box, and in Stewart's case, the power of giving everyone, even breakfast food, a fair chance. The Most Important Tuesday at Carbuncle Elementary School was written for elementary school students who love to read and secretly wish they could be misfits who save the day. The book's graphic novel style illustrations makes it especially appealing for young readers.

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